I strongly believe that food choices are based in emotions and that a mindful approach to changing habits is the only way to successfully win at nutrition. My approach in counseling my clients is through education and positive reinforcement. If you understand why you need to make that change, and you are provided with the tools to do that successfully (through meal plans, recipes, online tools, journals etc…) then chances are that you will happily achieve your goals. If the things that you choose to eat are as appealing to the eyes as they are to the tongue and the body, eating healthfully will be a pleasure rather than a punishment.

My areas of specialty, through a career spanning more than 15 years, include:

-plant-based eating

-diabetes (type 2) and metabolic syndrome

-weight loss

-healthy eating and meal planning

As a registered dietitian under the Professional Order of Dietitians (OPDQ), I can provide insurance receipts for counselling. Services are provided in both English and French.

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