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About me.

My name is Andrea. I’m a dietitian by way of food, having studied cooking and worked restaurant and industrial kitchens. My love for food originally led me on a route to healthy, mindful eating and ultimately to wanting to bring that to others. My need to understand the mind and body led me to yoga, and I now combine my love of food and healthy living to help clients eat, live and feel better.

My journey to nutrition came from a passion for all things food. My grandmothers were great traditional cooks, making past worlds accessible to our generation of young eaters. My father would grocery shop every night before coming home from work, then spend the next few hours cooking multi-course dinners for us to enjoy. Food translated into emotion, expressing love and support. Cooking was the way to relieve stress and anxiety. For me as a young person, it was the way to absorb all of that – as a result gaining significant weight. My journey to understanding the role that my food choices play in my health and happiness – making those choices both delicious and healthy – led to the study and practice of nutrition. My further journey to understanding the role that my nutrition plays in my emotional and mental health, and vice versa, led to the study of yoga.

I have now turned all of my passions – the practices of cooking, nutrition and yoga – into my work. I look forward to sharing this work with you.

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