Barcelona Adventure #1

“Travel is about immersing yourself in local culture. And there’s no better way to do that than through food! Food brings people together, no matter where you’re from or what language you speak.” Devour Barcelona

The 2020 Barcelona food and yoga adventure is winding up, and what better way to introduce this very specially curated event, than to delve a little deeper into some of the planned (and included!) activities.

Signing up for a week of group activity isn’t always easy, especially when you’re there alone, uncomfortable, maybe a little shy. You don’t know the other group members, you’re in a brand new city, and perhaps haven’t travelled in a while.

To introduce you to the group and to Barcelona – it’s history, food and culture, the first planned activity is a tapas dinner tour! Guided by a city native, the tour will take us to various tapas bars through the Gothic quarter. You will learn about the foods that have shaped the history of Barcelona’s modern traditions and learn about classic dishes that have existed in these bars for decades.

This is combined with a guided walking tour through the old city. Learning about pieces of history that may otherwise pass you by, and developing an understanding of this very special city that traces it’s origins back more than 2000 years.

The tour will be guided by Devour Barcelona, one of the predominant food tour companies in Spain. Why this company in particular? Because they embody the same spirit as I do, and their intention is parallel to mine. From their “about” page: We crave food and travel experiences with a true sense of place. We fear a world where you can’t tell the difference between Paris and Barcelona. Our hearts jump at the adventure of a tapas crawl in historic Madrid, and at our first taste of a Parisian baguette. These are the moments we feel truly connected to the soul of a destination, and not a watered down version of  it.

The intent of this entire week of food and yoga adventure is that through experience you come to look at the world a little differently. Sharing, learning, living and letting go will allow you to fully reconnect with yourself and the world around you.

To learn more about this event, contact me at or visit the website for details and pricing.

By Andrea Rubin, P.Dt.

I'm a dietitian and yoga teacher in Montreal, Quebec. I have a passion for food and cooking which led me into a career in cooking and later in nutrition. Having struggled with my own health, I found yoga as a powerful tool to empower the body and mind. I now work with individuals and groups to help them create a happy, delicious and guilt-free life.

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